Registering for Athletics

 Please read the following before registering. 

Suppose you already have a family login account on the Ave Maria Academy (AMA) Athletic Association website. In that case, you do not need to register a new account - please use your existing account.

The website administrator will check your registration against the school roster. If your family is not affiliated with the school in some role (students registered in the school, coach at the school, faculty member, etc.), they will remove your registration.

The information you enter on the AMA Athletic Association website is not public.

Families should register on the Athletic Association website ( for athletics at Ave Maria Academy. There are four steps to register:

  1. Register your Family on the website (use the "register" link at the top).
  2. Add your family members.
  3. Register student family members for sports.
  4. Pay the associated athletic fees via the eCatholic payment system (you are not fully registered until the fees are paid)

Online Registration Help

The Registration Help walks you through the steps described above for online registration.

Registration Fee Assistance

Physical/Medical Release

To participate in any sport in grades 1-8, the school office must have the child's current Physical/Medical Release (PDF) form. This does not apply to the "Little" sports.


Sports Offered

  • Girls Volleyball (4-8)*
  • Cross Country (3-8)*
  • Football (3-8)**
  • Soccer (1-8)*
  • Little Kickers (K-2)
  • Jr. Little Runners (1-2)
  • Girls Basketball (3-8)*
  • Boys Basketball (3-8)*
  • Cheer (3-8)*
  • Little Dribblers (K-2)
  • Little Peps (K-2)
  • Boys Volleyball (5-8)*
  • Track & Field (3-8)*
  • Soccer (1-8)*
  • Developmental Volleyball Coed (3-4)*
  • Little Kickers(K-2)
  • Little Runners (K-2)
  • Jr. Little Runners (1-2)
* Indicates the team participates in a Diocese of Pittsburgh-sanctioned sports league.
**South Hills Chargers Football registration is through the Chargers' organization.


Athletic Fees

Each student-athlete must pay a fee to offset the costs of running the program (uniforms, referees, equipment, league fees, etc.).

Families with one child in the program
  • $50.00 (1st sport)
  • $30.00 for each added sport (except for 3-8 basketball).
Families with more than one child in the program
  • First child - $50.00 (1st sport) and $30.00 for each additional sport
  • Second child - $40.00 (1st sport) and $30.00 for each additional sport (except for 3-8 basketball).
  • Third child or more - $30.00 (1st sport) and $30.00 for each additional sport (except for 3-8 basketball).
Little Dribblers, Little Peps, Little Kickers (Fall), Little Runners (Fall), Little Kickers (Spring), Little Runners (Spring)
  • $30.00 for each (These are separate fees and do not have family discounts).

The Athletic Association will not charge fees to students who participate in sports sponsored by other schools or organizations (i.e., Football, Golf). The sponsoring school or organization will manage the fees.

The Athletic Association will assess a fee of $75.00 for each athletic uniform not returned after the season.

Team Parents and Parent Volunteers Needed!

An AMA student's involvement in athletics requires parents or guardians to volunteer as needed - along with all other families participating in the athletic program. Volunteering includes working at home games, collecting entrance fees, running concessions, selling raffles, etc.

Each team at the school also must have a volunteer to serve as Team Parent/Manager to coordinate all volunteer activities for the team.  All volunteers must have clearances.  Sign in to the Diocesan database (VIRTUS) at to check your status or begin this process.

Team structure

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